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Discover Glow Worms and Fireflies in the Blue Mountains - Digital Guidebook

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The ultimate guide to discovering the amazing world of Bioluminescent Glow Worms & Fireflies in the Blue Mountains

Featuring new 2WD accessible Glow Worm colonies & Firefly viewing locations. No need to travel far from main roads - most locations are along Great Western Hwy and Bells Line of Road. Over 60 pages of tips, viewing information, maps and directions to ensure you find the magic. Guidebook includes new Glow Worm locations close to Katoomba and Bilpin that have not been published previously. PLUS 2 x Public Transport accessible sites close to train stations.

Guide Book Includes:

  • 60 x Pages downloadable PDF Guidebook to finding free to access Glow Worm & Firefly colonies in the Blue Mountains
  • 5 x Glow Worm viewing locations in the Blue Mountains with maps and detailed directions
  • 1 x Firefly location with specific instructions on the best conditions, times and season to see the most Fireflies
  • All attractions are free to visit and require short or medium walks to access
  • Viewing tips and information about best seasons and conditions to see the most Glow Worms
  • Tap-and-Go GPS links to GoogleTM Map coordinates for easy smartphone navigation
  • PLUS 2 x new locations that can be accessed via public transport and short walk
  • Close up maps with simple navigation and easy to follow directions
  • Guidebook designed with local knowledge includes tips to make your visit unique
  • Fully illustrated with beautiful photographs of each attraction
  • 5 Pages of low-light and Glow Worm photography tips for beginners


  • Step-by-step directions including 6 detailed maps to navigate the complex drive to the Glow Worm Tunnel with peace of mind
  • Make the most out of the long drive by exploring 3 side-trip options nearby, including a family friendly canyon, lookouts and car-camping site.
  • Each side-trip has walking instructions and map.
  • REQUIRED: To access the navigation links you will need Google Maps App or Google Maps Browser and internet connection

    Download Guidebook - $14.95 >>

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    Download Guidebook - $14.95 >>

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